Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Healthy Bread in Five Master Dough

I'm starting out 2010 with the google group HBin5. Our first braid challenge is making the basic Master dough from the book.

I made the full batch which makes 3-4 loaves of bread depending on what you do with it. This dough has a large amount of whole wheat flour. I added a lot of sesame seeds to the first loaf I made..some on the inside while shaping and a lot on the outside. Generally we don't care for some whole wheat breads (hubby more than me) so I hesitated to make it with this much whole wheat. BUT...decided to just go with it anyway.

So this morning I made the loaf and left it to cool while I went off to my studio to paint. I came back and saw an uneven hunk out of the end. I asked what/who and he said, "I needed to make a sandwich and couldn't find any bread". ha ha...this might be the way to introduce him to eating something good for him instead of the regular old white smushy stuff you buy at the store. Nah....said he didn't really like it but was hungry.  Here's the site for this bread.

So I decided to make me some bruschetta for dinner. Why not for dinner as I ate a lot instead of an appetizer portion and had a glass of Cabernet. Yum!

SO, the pictures, As explained I didn't get a pic until it was torn into by the kitchen marauder hubby but I did take another pic of the bruschetta I made with some tomatoes, olive oil, a few green onions, garlic, and some basil and other seasonings thrown in. Grated all that wonderful Pecorino on top and then toasted in the broiler again.


  1. Lol... your loaf looks really good. I like the addition of the sesame seeds. The bruschetta looks delicious too!

  2. Thanks, Cathy. I made another loaf a little differently today. I'll upload that one soon.

  3. I love bruschetta and can't seem to get enough of it. I should really make it more often! The bruschetta looks so good on your homemade bread!