Monday, April 5, 2010

Olive Spelt Loaf

I got so busy I never even posted the last bread Healthy Bread in Five I made. I even took pictures but the time slipped away and I forgot what was happening in the kitchen at that time and didn't post.

I was hoping not to let this Olive-Spelt Bread slip away from me like that. I've never baked with Spelt before. I really like this bread and would want to make it again. I still have half a recipe so I will figure out later what to make of it. For the first baking I made the boule loaf basic version with a little difference from the recipe. I used half Kalamata olives and half Spanish green olives. Yum... and I still had some homemade yogurt...just enough for this recipe halved.

This dough mixed together well with my new handy dandy Danish Dough whisk from Breadtopia a friend so graciously gave me. I still had to mix in a little more water using my clean hand but I think that is due to having a square mixing container. I left it to rise 3 hours as my kitchen is cool and it appeared to need more time.. I baked without refrigerating this first loaf and it turned out great.

I don't know about you, but I hate putting plastic wrap over my dough to rise and it's a waste and it also sticks if you don't grease the plastic, etc. SO, I decided to just place a large bowl over the top and no muss, no fuss, it appears to work well this way.

Good thing I took the pictures right away as the loaf is half gone now. I WILL make this bread again.


  1. I love my dough whisk and I am pretty sure you will get quite a bit of use from yours as well!

    We enjoyed this bread too! It's definitely a keeper recipe!

  2. What a pretty loaf of bread. Great idea to use the bowl instead of plastic wrap, I do that as well.

  3. Great looking loaf. Good idea to use the bowl, too.